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Neon Neptune


Futurenostics provided Neon Neptune with a solution to offer customers the ability to design and order their custom neon lights. The platform they developed addressed the challenges of complex design processes, limited ordering options, and lack of transparency in the traditional custom neon lights industry.

About the Customer

Neon Neptune is a startup that aims to bring personalized neon lights to individuals and businesses worldwide. They recognized the need for a simplified and accessible process for customers to create and order custom neon lights.

Services Provided

Cloud & Devops

Design, UX

Quality Assurance

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Next js
Nest js


Neon Neptune faced several challenges in the traditional custom neon lights industry. The design process was complex, requiring specialized knowledge and software. Customers had limited options for ordering custom neon lights, often relying on local manufacturers with limited design capabilities. Lastly, the lack of a centralized platform made it difficult for customers to track their orders and have visibility into the production process.


Futurenostics developed an online neon lights customizer for Neon Neptune using Next.js, Nest.js, MongoDB, and AWS. The platform offered an intuitive design interface, allowing customers to easily customize their own neon light designs. It streamlined the ordering process by integrating a preview feature, shipping options selection, and a secure payment system. Neon Neptune also collaborated with trusted manufacturers to efficiently produce and ship custom neon lights. Additionally, the platform implemented an order tracking system and automated notifications to keep customers informed about the production and shipping status.



During the development and implementation of the Neon Neptune platform, Futurenostics faced challenges. Design complexity required careful implementation of the design interface to ensure ease of use for customers. Collaborating with manufacturers necessitated establishing a reliable network of trusted partners. Implementing the order tracking system and automated notifications required integrating real-time data updates and ensuring seamless communication between the platform and manufacturers.