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Futurenostics collaborated with Solution Wired, a leading provider of electrical installations and gas solutions, to develop a robust platform that streamlined their services and enhanced customer experience. By leveraging React, Node.js, MongoDB, and AWS cloud services, Futurenostics successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that catered to Solution Wired's diverse range of services.

About the Customer

Solution Wired is a reputable company known for its expertise in electrical installations, meticulous maintenance, and reliable gas solutions. With a strong commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, Solution Wired has established itself as a trusted provider in the industry.

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Solution Wired faced several challenges that hindered their operations and customer experience. Firstly, they needed a solution to streamline their various services, ensuring efficient management and execution. Secondly, Solution Wired sought to improve customer engagement by providing a user-friendly platform that allowed clients to easily access information and request services. Lastly, the lack of a centralized system made it difficult for Solution Wired to manage and analyze data effectively, hindering decision-making and resource allocation.


Futurenostics collaborated with Solution Wired to develop a custom platform using React, Node.js, MongoDB, and AWS cloud services. To streamline services, the platform integrated comprehensive features for electrical installations, meticulous maintenance, and reliable gas solutions. This allowed Solution Wired to efficiently manage its operations from a centralized system, ensuring smooth execution and timely service delivery.

The customer engagement aspect was enhanced through a user-friendly interface that empowered clients to access information about services, submit service requests, and communicate with Solution Wired's team seamlessly. This improved transparency and communication, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Data management was optimized by implementing a robust database system using MongoDB. This centralized data storage facilitated efficient data management, analysis, and reporting. It enabled Solution Wired to make informed decisions based on real-time insights, improving resource allocation and operational efficiency.



During the development and implementation of the Solution Wired platform, Futurenostics faced several challenges. Overcoming the complexity of integrating multiple services into a unified platform required meticulous planning and execution. Ensuring a seamless user experience demanded extensive testing and iterative feedback cycles to refine the interface and functionality. Additionally, integrating AWS cloud services required expertise in managing scalable infrastructure to handle Solution Wired's growing customer base.

By collaborating with Futurenostics and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Solution Wired successfully transformed its operations and customer experience. The custom platform provided streamlined services, enhanced customer engagement, and optimized data management for Solution Wired's comprehensive range of electrical installations and gas solutions.